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Group of four new students walking towards dorm on move-in.

Once You're Here

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Welcome, we're so glad you made it! Now that you've arrived to campus, there are a few things we'd like to prepare you with so you know what to expect on your Move-In Day.

Click here for the 2021 Move-In Information Packet & Parking Pass

Directions to your Housing Service Center

Download the Stanford Mobile app and use the "Map" feature to familiarize yourself with the Stanford campus. Look for your Housing Service Center and residence name on the searchable campus map or on this map of campus residences.

Campus Parking for Move-In Day

Families may temporarily park cars for unloading near the student residences. After unloading, cars should be immediately relocated to the nearest residential parking garage. Download the 2021 Move-In Information Packet and print the Arrival Day Parking Pass. Display it in your car for free parking in the residence parking garages on your move-in day.

All parking regulations will continue to be enforced. You must not park in front of fire hydrants, FDC pipes, or barricades, cones, caution tape, or other signage indicating that parking is not allowed. Citations may be issued to parked cars blocking these emergency access areas.

Arriving at the Residences

Check-In Process and Locations

When you arrive to campus for your move-in appointment, please go directly to your Housing Service Center. You will receive your room key and Stanford ID card (SUID card). Be ready to show a government-issued photo ID such as a driver’s license or passport. If you have already been issued a SUID card, be sure to bring it, as a new card will not be printed.

At check-in, you will take your first COVID-19 test with Color Genomics. In preparation, please create your Color testing account in advance using your Stanford email address ( 

The closest drop-off locations for Color tests near undergraduate residences are:​​​​​​
- West Campus: AOERC, 285 Santa Teresa St, Front Desk
- East Campus: Escondido Road Turnaround, Between Stern & Crothers Halls

Click here for other locations.

For after-hours assistance, contact (650) 725-1602.

What to Expect

After checking in at your Housing Service Center, head over to your residence to move into your room. Scan your SUID card at the entrance of your residence for entry. (Remember to always carry your SUID card with you when you leave your residence.) While a few dorms have elevators, most do not. Dorms typically have 2-3 floors. Be sure that you are able to carry the items you pack. If you have large items, handtrucks may be available at your Housing Service Center to borrow.


 You may have up to two guests enter your residence to help you move in for the duration of your one-hour move-in appointment. All guests must adhere to Stanford's Visitor Policy

  • All visitors coming to Stanford must meet at least one of two criteria: 1) be fully vaccinated against COVID-19; or 2) receive a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours prior to arrival onsite.
  • All visitors need to complete the Stanford Visitor: Daily COVID-19 Health Attestation. They will be asked to attest that they have screened themselves prior to arriving, do not have COVID-like symptoms, and are not in a restricted status requiring isolation or quarantine.
  • All visitors are required to wear a face covering while indoors regardless of vaccination status.

After moving in, we encourage you to walk around our beautiful campus. You may also leave campus to run errands and shop for necessities, if desired. While your guests are welcome to visit campus (including on the days following your move-in), they may only enter your residence during your designated move-in appointment. Once your move-in appointment time has ended, guests should leave the residence to allow other students and their guests to move in safely. Thank you for understanding.


Your meal plan will begin on your move-in day. See for open dining halls and hours. If your dining hall is not open yet, you are welcome to eat at Wilbur Dining, Arrillaga Dining, or any other open dining hall. At each meal, please scan your SUID card and log in to Health Check to show that you have a green Health Check badge.

Campus Parking After Move-In

First-Year Parking Policy: Per University policy, first-year students are not allowed to have cars on campus in their first year and cannot purchase a parking permit. There are many programs and resources at Stanford that support students’ transportation needs including the Frosh Emergency Ride Home Program. For more information, visit Transportation Options for New Students and register in advance for the Frosh Emergency Ride Home Program.

Transfer Student Parking: Transfer students who intend to keep a car on campus after NSO must purchase a parking permit after they have arrived to campus. Transfer students should not order their permit online in advance of their arrival.