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About New Student Orientation

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NSO Mission & Goals

New Student Orientation (NSO) strives to acclimate each entering first-year and transfer class to life at Stanford by introducing them to the University’s diverse educational opportunities and resources, acquainting them with other students and University staff, helping them feel at home in the campus community, and creating in them a sense of belonging as contributing members of the Stanford community. NSO also establishes the relationship between families and the University by introducing them to Stanford culture and resources, providing opportunities to interact with other families, and offering support as their students enter college.

Stanford University's New Student Orientation fulfills its mission by meeting the following goals:

  1. Build community among students, faculty, and staff
  2. Empower students to take an active role in developing their own academic trajectories and stretch their intellectual boundaries
  3. Give students the tools to manage their own physical and mental health in our academically rigorous environment
  4. Educate students about their rights and responsibilities as contributing members of the Stanford community in accordance with the Honor Code and the Fundamental Standard
  5. Encourage students to challenge preconceptions and engage with diversity and social justice

NSO Policies

  • New Student Orientation is required for all new undergraduate students at Stanford. Students must fully participate in the required programs.
  • NSO is a private event intended only for new undergraduate students. While parents and families of new students are invited on the first day of NSO to programs and events welcoming them, including Convocation, the remainder of NSO is restricted to new undergraduate students at Stanford.
  • Non-university vendors and companies are not allowed at Move-In Day, nor at any other NSO programs.
  • Posting flyers at the residences on Move-In Day is not allowed.
  • Unapproved video and photography of NSO events are not allowed, except for the Opening Convocation Ceremony.
  • NSO Alcohol Policy: The New Student Orientation (NSO) period is from Move-In Day, the first day of NSO, until 8:00 a.m. of the first day of Autumn Quarter. New undergraduate students should not consume any alcohol during the week of NSO. Upperclass students are expected to support this policy. At no time should any Stanford student provide, serve or in any way make alcohol available to any new undergraduate student (first-year or transfer). This specifically means that no alcohol is to be present, served, or consumed at any student organization and/or dorm during NSO. Violators can be subject to housing revocation and/or Office of Community Standards proceedings.

Stanford University Statement on Privacy